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You Asked, We Delivered: Curated ipage Lists to Make Your Work Easier

Sandra Farag, MLS, Manager, Collection Development Youth Materials and Beth Reinker, MSLS, Manager, Collection Development Adult Materials
Did you know that Ingram has a team of MLS-degreed librarians and paraprofessionals who have more than 350 years of experience in the industry? Like most of our department’s librarians, we both worked in public libraries before we came to Ingram, and we know firsthand how busy public librarians are. Now that we work for a vendor, our job is to help make your job easier. From hard-to-find topics to new publishing trends, we create the resources that we would have wanted when we were working in libraries.

Any ipage user can access our librarians’ selective and highly curated lists 24/7. (Yes, they are created by actual human librarians, not by a cyborg—or worse—an algorithm.) There are lists available for all age levels, and they can be found on ipage under Browse High Interest Categories.

From there, simply choose the age levels and topics that meet your needs.


You may be thinking that this sounds too good to be true. You would be half right. It is true, but it is not only good—it’s great. And the best part? Our Collection Development lists on ipage are complimentary for our customers. You know how we librarians love free things!

How do we do it, you ask? We are continuously combing through the staggering number of titles that are being published every month to present you with the best books in small, easily selectable lists. We meet with publishers on a regular basis, so we are often able to spot the upcoming trends early. Our lists are updated regularly, so we can always point you toward new and trending titles. Our librarians work hard to anticipate your collection needs. Think of us as your own personal shoppers saving you time by pointing you toward the best titles for your collection.

Our HITS (High Interest Title Selections) lists for Adults, Teens, and Children are some of our most popular resources. HITS lists are hand-selected by our librarians to help you make sure your bases are covered. These lists of predicted bestsellers and high-profile titles will help you catch “misses” before they are missed by your patrons.

In addition to creating lists for ipage, we love to receive feedback from our librarian customers. Our sales team is always on the road visiting libraries and meeting with librarians at trade shows, and they share the feedback they receive from librarians. Some of our most popular resources are the result of librarians telling us about challenges they face in building their collections.

One of the things we consistently hear from librarians is that it can be difficult to build diverse collections for their communities. Our librarians have created a set of new lists to help you find outstanding books to serve your patrons. Now when you look at our Collection Development landing page, you’ll see several new list sections focusing on diverse books for all ages:

We know how important it is to build collections that reflect diverse communities, so we wanted to develop resources to help libraries do just that. We have lists of books featuring characters of different ethnicities, abilities, and sexuality. If your library is looking specifically for #ownvoices titles, we’ve compiled them, too. Click here for lists of #ownvoices Teen Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, and Easy Books.

Want to dazzle your patrons even more? How about blowing their minds by knowing who the next great author will be? In that case, you won’t want to miss our Debut lists for Adults, Teens, and Children. Find the next big name before it’s a big name.

We know keeping your collections up to date and in good condition can be daunting. If you’re weeding those books that are way past their expiration date (I’m looking at you, Windows 95), filling gaps because titles have walked out the door never to be seen again, or replacing those yummy board books eaten by the adorable children who love them just a little too much, we can help you refresh and replenish your collection. Check out our Replenishment lists for Adult, Children’s, and Teen materials.

Now that we have worked together to build up your collections, let us help you with your marketing and merchandising needs. Need a quick display idea? We have created several new categories to help you create last-minute displays or augment your collection on trending topics. Our Virtual Book Display lists for Adult materials are a treasure trove of display ideas to engage and impress your patrons. These are lists on trending topics that we would put on display in our own libraries. Topics include important issues recently in the news or fun trends that will catch a patron’s eye.

Of course, we can’t let the adults have all the fun. We have curated display ideas for all of you youth librarians as well. For children, we have Virtual Book Display and Social Awareness

We know that you’re busy, and our team is here to support you. Know that we are always working behind the scenes to help your library shine. New lists are available every month, so check back regularly to stay current on the wealth of resources available to you on ipage.

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