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Whether or Not You like the Weather

Gina Molter, MLS, Collection Development Librarian

Did you know that the average global temperature has gone up 1.7°F since 1880? Or that a 2003 heatwave turned grapes to raisins before they could be picked from the vine?! In 2017, Hurricane Irma became the longest lasting storm, clocking in at 37 hours! The fact is that damages caused by weather cost billions of dollars globally every year and affect all of us, so it’s never too soon to help your patrons learn about weather!

The series called Weather Explorers by Enslow Publishing is a terrific option for kids ages 5 to 8. It covers the basics of weather with one book per topic- Rain; Snow (Library Edition); Sunshine (Library Edition); and Wind (Library Edition). The series has a beautiful picture book format that uses repetitive text to help children gain reading confidence while learning some fundamentals about weather.

Those more curious about the science of meteorology itself might like the series Discover Meteorology by Pebble Books. Also for children aged 5 to 8 , it covers such topics as How Do We Measure Weather? (HC); How Do We Predict Weather? (HC); How Do We Prepare for Severe Weather? (HC); Understanding Climate (HC); Understanding Weather (HC); and Understanding Weather Patterns (HC). These titles are great for beginning readers who want to learn about more complicated weather-related topics.

Older elementary students ages 9 to 11 will appreciate the series Force of Nature by Enslow Publishing. It covers the more destructive nature of weather, giving kids not only the science behind the weather patterns, but also histories of specific weather disasters and safety tips for survival. The series includes books about Blizzards (Library Edition); Tornadoes (Library Edition); Floods (Library Edition), Hurricanes (Library Edition); Tsunamis (Library Edition) and Earthquakes (Library Edition).

There are some great stand-alone books on weather, as well. When Cloud Became a Cloud by Rob Hodgson is an excellent tool for learning about the water cycle, for ages 3 to 5. What’s the Weather? Clouds, Climate, and Global Warming by Judith Ralston focuses on climate change and the environmental impact of weather, for ages 6 to 9. I Am the Wind by Michael Karg and illustrated by Sophie Diao helps students ages 4 to 8 learn about different animals and habitats as they follow the journey of the wind.

You can't escape the weather, so if you would like to find more great books about it, be sure to check out the following list. And if the winter weather has you down, just remember that Yuma, AZ, is the sunniest place on Earth!