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What Books Are Buzzing for Summer/Fall 2020: Coming Soon Webcasts

Beth Reinker, MSLS, Manager, Collection Development Adult & Youth Materials

We know that librarians are looking for complimentary training resources as we all navigate the reality of COVID-19 shutdowns in our country. With so many conferences and training events canceled, librarians are seeking webinars and other means of continuing education that are compatible with social distancing. Ingram Library Services has planned a few new events to help fill that gap.

You may know that Ingram has a team of Collection Development librarians on staff. Our team holds over 200 publisher meetings each year to learn about new and trending titles. Those publisher presentations give us a wealth of information about forthcoming titles. That knowledge, along with our years of public library selection experience, gives us a unique perspective on the publishing industry. We are bringing that information and insight to librarians in a new way.

Coming Soon: Adult Book Buzz Summer 2020

In March, Laura Barkema and I teamed up to host a Coming Soon webinar Adult Book Buzz for Summer 2020. This overview of titles publishing May through August will help you prepare to stock up on the exciting new titles available and find forthcoming titles to fill gaps in your collection. You can still catch that presentation on-demand if you missed it, and the full title list is available for you in ipage to help you order these great, new titles.

Children's Book Buzz Fall 2020

If you’re looking for children’s materials, Wendy Rancier and Alex Arthun hosted a webcast, Children’s Book Buzz for Fall 2020, now available on demand. Tune in to see Alex and Wendy highlighting exciting forthcoming titles and share valuable Ingram resources to help you make your collection shine. 

Coming Soon: Ingram's Adult Book Buzz for Fall 2020

Join Beth and Rachel, two of (y)our Collection Development librarians, for a lively discussion on can't-miss titles you'll want on your shelves this fall. Going beyond the standard bestsellers, Ingram Adult Book Buzz for Fall 2020 will offer industry insight, valuable resources, and a forthcoming title list hand-selected and presented by (y)our experienced librarians.

#LetsTalkLibrary Consultation

Additionally, we understand that you are navigating a very unfamiliar road right now. You have questions, but guess what? Y(Our) librarians have answers. Schedule a #LetsTalkLibrary Consultation with (y)our Collection Development librarians.  Topics include, but are not limited to: SOPs, iCurate Coming Soon, iCurate Core, Year-End Solutions, ODCs/Expansions, Custom Special Projects, & Collection Development Problem Solving.

Whether you’re doing collection development, expanding your readers’ advisory skills, or taking this time to ask questions, these resources are a great way to earn continuing education credit, get the answers your library needs, and become knowledgeable about titles publishing soon. Take your pick of any of the above resources, and get started today. There's not better time to learn about new titles and some of the resources that (y)our Ingram librarians have created to save you time with selection!

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