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What is Data?

The recent numbers for book sellers are in, and they’re looking good:

  1. Sales of print books are increasing. Sales of audio books, too, are on the rise.
  2. Media omnivores and avid book readers alike are purchasing more books than ever.
  3. Retail sales at bookstores are up, year over year, for the past several months.

With any luck, the experiences at your bookstore are similar. But these industry trends are just numbers unless your bookstore -- online or brick-and-mortar -- has the power to make big data work for you.

Use Data to Increase Sales

The available insights on book-buying behavior are growing more and more sophisticated. For you that could mean no more, “Wherefore art thou, book buyer?” How can data help you sell more books?

Book Recommendations

Your regular customers already know to look to you for their book needs, and now book title data from you can help them discover the next addition to their library. Information on additional formats, similar themes, award-winners, and so on related to their current purchase can lead them to more media treasures in their cart.

Comprehensive title data also can help potential customers find you for the first time. Whatever they are searching for -- new, used or out-of-print -- if you have the data, they automatically will look to you. After all, your bookstore provides more than just commodity shopping. With the most complete title information available, you are a trusted resource and valuable member of the community.

Communications Preferences

Once your customers are finding their media of choice and spending their dollars at your bookstore, advanced analytics is on your side yet again. The data can help you analyze your customer base for where they are and the ways they like to be communicated to.

Maybe your readers are into the adult coloring book craze, or reading articles on the Top 10 Beach Reads, or have a young student in their lives. The right data allows you to be highly responsive to their needs, meeting them where they are with new releases, old favorites and grade-level recommendations and reading programs. All according to their preferences: online search, e-newsletter, in-store promotion, and more.

Look to Ingram for Your Data Needs

These are just a few of the ways that data can be a powerful addition to your bookstore marketing toolbox. How can Ingram help you with data?

Database of 15 Million Titles

Ingram collects title data from over 30,000 publishers in a variety of formats to provide you the most comprehensive and accurate data. Connect your point-of-sale system or application to our entire database of titles and find information on all the products available in our inventory, or access data for the millions of titles you can purchase new from Ingram, as well as those available elsewhere in the industry: new, used, or out-of-print. All without having to build your own database.

Different Levels to Choose

Depending on your needs, Ingram offers three different primary levels of data services: Essential, Premium, and Slices.

The Essential package includes all the main bibliographic data, book cover images, product descriptions, and contributor information files, and reading programs are available upon request.

The Premium package ups the ante with all the basic information included in the Essential level plus files on other formats available for a title; related themes; what’s hot now; logistics data; award winners; and titles appearing in articles and lists, both online and in print.

Is our database of 15 million titles too large? Custom slices of title data can give you a more curated experience. Currently, we have over 30 slices created to help booksellers focus on the product that fits their needs. There are slices that highlight titles for specific interests such as art and design, fiction, juvenile and young adult, home and garden, and gift items. The majority of the slices are created using BISAC codes, but we also offer slices based on the top selling titles from 1,000-1,000,000

Each of the options above is available via ONIX as well. ONIX provides efficient and rapid loading of up-to-date product information into internal or customer-facing systems.

Get Started with Data Services

The time is now to take advantage of all data services has to offer. To learn more, contact us.