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Transformational Leadership: A Way of Life

We work closely with publishers, retailers, libraries, and schools around the world to provide them with the right products and services to help them succeed in the dynamic and increasingly complex world of content publishing.

We place a priority on our more than 3,000 associates. The learning and development team plays a key role in developing and maintaining a talented workforce.

The learning and development group continues to drive innovation and business strategy through their leader development program, transformational leadership. In partnership with Linkage Inc., a global leader in leadership development and innovation, 44 leaders have completed the week-long program.

The program draws on innovation principles from thought leader and Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christenson and design thinking principles based on world leader, IDEO. The program introduces strategic thinking tools and concepts such as the organizational capabilities gap and opportunities matrix, strategic drivers map and implications wheel, and the strategic leadership agenda tool.

The participants also engaged in team learning projects. The projects were designed to allow participants to apply what they learned, gain exposure to new areas of the business, and add business value by addressing current business challenges and recommending solutions. As a result, some project solutions will be implemented. We are excited about these projects and look forward to providing future updates on their results.

Congratulations to the leaders who completed the transformational leadership program, and to the executive staff who supported the program!