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Together We Thrive

Pamela Smith, VP & General Manager, Ingram Library Services

Whether you are WFH (working from home), social distancing at work, or self-quarantining, we’ve all entered a brave new world where we have been forced out of our comfort zones. While video conferencing is better than emails and phone calls, it’s just not the same. Although my furry co-worker, Bear, is happier than ever (especially since the evil luggage I use to travel has stayed in the upper closet!), I miss my office peeps and my library peeps!

I wanted to take a moment to update you on what’s happening at Ingram. While we have moved the majority of our office associates to WFH, our warehouse associates around the globe continue to pick, pack, process, and ship books -- as socially distant as possible.


Many library buildings are closed, however, many librarians are working and taking the opportunity to attend webinars and receive training. Here are a few resources:

Our entire ILS team is working feverishly to keep business running as usual during these unusual times:

  •  The Ingram Library Services elves are staying busy in their home workshops.
  •  Our Collection Development Librarians are creating and updating curated lists. 

  • Our Sales teams are answering calls/emails and providing ipage training. 

  • Our Account Services team is creating and updating customer accounts and settings as well as answering your questions.  

As you know, Ingram also works with retail booksellers. Online retailers have kept our warehouse associates quite busy along with our buying staff. Although many of our libraries can’t receive shipments right now, we are ordering and receiving loads of replenishment stock and newly published titles daily which will be reserved for libraries placing orders and used to fulfill the retail orders.

Did You Know?

Over the course of a year, Ingram ships over 95 million pounds of product to tens of thousands of customers around the world. We have more than 23 million available titles in our database and ship over 110,000 unique titles on any given day. Those of you who joined our tours during PLA in Nashville (PLA? That seems ages ago instead of two months!!) had a chance to see behind the curtain where all the magic happens. It truly is quite a sight to see.

Why am I throwing random Ingram facts into this blog? Partly because I want you to know that Ingram remains a strong company with experienced people that you can depend upon. I also want to ask for your patience as we sail through these uncharted waters together. We are all experiencing things that we haven’t experienced before, but we are figuring it out. When library buildings began closing, it happened quickly and, in many cases, with little or no warning. Shipments that were leaving our warehouse or were already on the way to those libraries became undeliverable and were returned by the carrier. That will take time to sort out, but we will accomplish it. When library buildings begin opening back up and shipping holds are removed, orders will begin flowing through our warehouse to be picked, packed, processed, and shipped. You won’t instantaneously have a shipment the first day your library comes off of a shipping hold, but be assured your books were reserved, and you will get them.

We appreciate you and the work that you do more than you will ever know. While our journeys through this brave new world have been different, we will come together at the end and we will thrive.

Stay safe and well. We are here for you!

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