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The IngramSpark Guide to Independent Publishing

So, you’ve finished your manuscript and you’re ready to publish. That’s great! You are probably eager to get it into the hands of readers but may be confused about how to make that happen. Editing, designing, printing, and marketing your manuscript can be overwhelming, but you do not need to navigate this time-consuming, multi-faceted process on your own.

In fact, we recently released The IngramSpark Guide to Independent Publishing by Brendan Clark. His expert advice will help you inexpensively publish with style. This guide will teach you how to create high-quality print and e-books, generate “buzz,” and become the business owner of your content. In addition to marketing techniques for delivering works to readers, you will learn how to distribute them to retailers and libraries around the world. The IngramSpark Guide will be a vital partner throughout the publishing process.

Will My Book Sell?

Books that don’t sell can cause undue financial difficulties for writers. And, publisher compensation is often small or fails to generate at all. With tips from The IngramSpark Guide, you can learn how to avoid these pitfalls. Using it will equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to maximize sales and generate compensation, making full-time writing a possible career instead of just a dream.

To get your book on the shelves of bookstores, there are a few things it must have. Among these requirements are:

  • ISBN number
  • Clean and descriptive metadata
  • Distribution through a wholesaler
  • Hardcover or Paperback binding

Clark’s advice will guide you through how to make sure your book has all these elements. Your book will be available in local and large bookstores alike.

Will My Book Make Sense?

In The IngramSpark Guide’s preproduction section, we provide a brief overview of common editing issues. Making sure your text is grammatically correct is extremely important; however, the process doesn’t end there. Our guide offers friendly reminders to proof, copyedit, and request qualitative feedback from the proper sources. This will refine your message while simultaneously retaining your voice.

What if I Want An Index?

Does your book need an index or glossary? The IngramSpark Guide has a section for that, too. If your book has a discussion guide or “bonus material” such as an excerpt from your next manuscript, the guide will advise you on where to put it.

What Are My Binding Options?

Binding is often the last thing an author considers while writing a book. Several binding options exist and choosing the best one can be overwhelming. However, The IngramSpark Guide expertly breaks down the options for you. By the time you finish reading the binding section, you’ll know whether to use black and white binding or color, and whether your book should be a paperback or hardcover. The guide covers the advantages and disadvantages of each with recommendations based on cost and overall look.

Should I Format a E-Book?

Yes. The IngramSpark Guide will teach you how to make your book available in print and digital form.

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