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The Author (Adult) Standing Order Program: What is it? Who’s in it? How can it save you time?

Rachel Montgomery, MLS, Collection Development Librarian and Kim Collins, Collection Development Administrator

What Is It?

What is the Author (Adult) Standing Order Program? It’s a complimentary service that allows libraries to set up notifications or automatic orders for over 1000 authors. Never want to miss one of the many, many James Patterson novels? Sign up for his Standing Order Program! Select how many copies of each author’s title you want, or the grid you always want applied for that author, and then don’t think about it again. Really!

There are two ways to enroll in the program: Auto-Ship and Report Only. The program runs twice a month – on the 1st and 15th – and you’ll receive an email that your list is available. Auto-Ship allows you to be as hands-off as you want to be: you have 14 days to review the titles on your list, to edit quantities or delete titles, before they’re ordered. Don’t want to bother? The titles will automatically be ordered after those 14 days. If auto-ship isn’t for you, or if your library orders EDI, you can sign up for Report Only. You’ll receive the same information, but you place the orders at your convenience.

How Can It Save You Time?

For some of us, looking through over a thousand authors and choosing which ones we want to see sounds like a great time. For others, there’s not enough time in the day for something like that. If you only want the most popular authors, we’ve made it easy. When setting up, you can click on a button that says “Select All Bolded Authors.” The bolded authors are the Top 20% of the authors on the program (about 200 total). In addition to being quick to select, these authors’ titles will ship as soon as we receive them from the publisher, while the non-bolded authors will be held for consolidated shipment.

When selecting an author, you can also select the various formats available for each new title. In addition to the primary hardcover format, you can also sign up for abridged audio CDs, unabridged audio CDs, Library Edition CDs, Pre-Recorded Audio Players, Large Print Trade Edition, and Large Print Library Edition. Note: Alternate formats for a title will only be added to the program if they are released within six months of the hardcover. FAQ: Which large print format should I sign up for? The binding of the large print edition released for a given author will vary for each title, so we recommend signing up for both formats of large print. The Large Print Trade Edition is released in either the paperback or hardcover formats, while the Large Print Library Edition is released in Library Binding. We only include one large print offering per title, and we will only include whichever large print format is released first. 

How to Sign Up:

To sign up for our Standing Order Programs, under the Order tab in the toolbar on iPage, select Standing Order Programs. From here, you can sign up for any (or all) of our 22 programs for children, teens, or adults. I mentioned earlier that the Author (Adult) Standing Order program runs on the 1st and 15th of each month. The titles on each program run are up to 6 months pre-publication. FAQ: If I sign up for the program today, will I still need to order the titles that appeared on previous program runs? No. If the book hasn’t published, it will be included on your first Standing Order program list. The first standing order list that the library receives after signing up will be much larger than usual because it includes all the titles that have previously run on the program but have not yet published.

Once you’re on the program, you can make changes to quantities, grids, and author selection at any time. You can make these changes on a case-by-case basis by making changes to the individual lists that arrive twice a month, OR you can make more permanent changes to your profile. FAQ: If I delete an author from my program, or change the number of copies I want, will those changes be made to my backorders, too? No. If you delete an author, let’s say Danielle Steel, only the titles being run on the program from that point forward will be affected. So if you already have the next three Danielle Steel titles on backorder, you need to contact us to have those changes made. Libraries will also need to contact us if they deactivate a profile or change the number of copies ordered: those backorders will stay live on the library’s account if we are not contacted to make those changes. To do that, contact Kim Collins at

Stay in the Loop:

Want to stay up-to-date with our Standing Order Programs? Sign up for our newsletter: from the toolbar on iPage, hover over My Account, and under the My Settings heading click on Sign up for Ingram E-mail Communications. Fill out your name and email address, and in a few days, you’ll receive an email that will direct you to where you can manage your communication preferences. Make sure to select the Collection Development newsletter under Product and Service News. That’s where you’ll find Standing Order updates, like who has been added or removed from the Author (Adult) Standing Order program. It also includes information about titles that aren’t being included on the program, like when James Patterson writes a nonfiction title or when Neil Gaiman writes a Juvenile Fiction book. You can also find out which author’s program a book will run on if it’s written by multiple authors on the program.

What Titles Are Included?

What makes a title eligible to run on Author (Adult)? Here are the criteria for the Author (Adult) Standing Order program:

  • The title must be new, never before published in the United States.
  • The title must be intended for an adult audience.
  • The title must be fiction.
  • The title must be available in hardcover with its first printing.
  • The title cannot be an anthology (a collection of short stories by multiple authors).
  • If the title is a short story collection by a single author, over half of the stories must be new.
  • The title cannot be a standalone novella.

If an author on the program has a title coming out that does not meet all of the criteria above, it will not run on the program, and we’ll include an explanation in the newsletter.

Let's Chat:

If you have any questions about our Author (Adult) Standing Order Program or other Fiction standing order programs, please contact us at Kim Collins, Collection Development Administrator, will be happy to help you. For Nonfiction programs, contact, where Dana Lynch, Collection Development Administrator, will be available to answer your questions.

Right now, there are more than 1,000 authors on Author (Adult) that you can sign up for – but this is a living, breathing program. (Y)Our Team of MLS-Degreed Librarians are constantly reviewing new authors to see if they fit the criteria for the program. Next month, we’ll share how we choose authors to add to the program and give you the details on new authors you won’t want to miss!