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Talk Like a Pirate

Gina Molter, MLIS, Collection Development Librarian, Ingram Library Services

Ahoy, Mateys!  Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming September 19, 2020 and you don’t want your buccaneers caught adrift without a good book, so avast ye to this fine booty of books to add to your coffers or ye will be walking the plank to Davey Jones’ Locker! Savvy?

How much do you know about the truth behind pirate myths? To find out more about whether or not they are true and where the legends come from in the first place, then check out The Fact or Fiction Behind Pirates by Adam Sutherland. It’s perfect for children ages 9 and up that are curious to know if pirates really made people walk the plank or use maps to find their buried treasure! And if even your youngest patrons are eager to learn about pirates, then make sure you stock up on Who Wants to Be a Pirate?: What It Was Really Like in the Golden Age of Piracy by Bridget Heos for ages 5-8. Captain Parrot shows children what life was really like on board a pirate ship, while keeping it age-appropriate for the wee lads and lasses.

There’s a new series called Pirate Tales from Black Sheep Press, great for ages 9 and up, that features biographies on some of the more famous pirates like Henry Morgan: Feared Buccaneer of the New World or Blackbeard: Captain of the Queen Anne’s Revenge both by Blake Hoena. However, the series also focuses on some of the overlooked names in pirate history like Mary Read: Pirate in Disguise or Ching Shih: The World’s Most Successful Pirate both by Christina Leaf.

If your landlubbers really want to know more about female pirates, then they can check out Rad Women Worldwide: Artists and Athletes, Pirates and Punks, and Other Revolutionaries Who Shaped History by Kate Schatz. This book is recommended for ages 10 and up and has mini biographies on 40 different women in history who made their marks by standing out from the crowd, like the pirate queen of Ireland, Grace "Granuaile" O'Malley. For more specific examples of women pirates, then read A Pirate's Life for She: Swashbuckling Women Through the Ages by Laura Sook Duncombe. Written for ages 12 and up, this book addresses in depth the lives and motivations of 16 women from across the globe who became pirates.

Pirates offer a fun and fascinating glimpse of the past, so for more books on all things piratical, be sure to visit the following list:

Talk Like a Pirate

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