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Six Features to Help You Self-Publish

There are hundreds of self-publishing platforms out there, each with their own array of features designed to help authors. The self-publishing world can seem complicated, even to seasoned authors with experience in publishing. Here's how to publish like a pro with IngramSpark.


Print-On-Demand (POD) capability is one of the main features of IngramSpark. POD platforms let you upload and publish your book, without having to pay upfront for hundreds of copies (and a place to store them). With POD, your book will be automatically printed when someone buys a copy, and we will take a small percentage from the cost. Whether you need to print books for a retailer, special event, or individual reader, POD stores your book in the cloud and only prints it when you need it. Say goodbye to that basement or storage unit stuffed with unsold copies.

Integrated Distribution

Finding a distributor for a recently published book can be a lot of work. IngramSpark's integrated distribution network does all that work for you. We're connected with over 39,000 retailers worldwide, and our global market access program makes your book available to all of them. E-books are automatically enrolled in the program, and POD books cost just $12 a year.

Easy to Use Interface

It doesn't matter if you're tech savvy or not, because our interface is designed for usability. It's easy to manage how your book is printed and distributed through our dashboard. The interface controls print and e-books in one place. You can upload new titles in multiple formats, order copies, change cover images or other information, and run reports, all from the same screen.


Calculating printing and shipping costs can seem like a daunting task. You have to take into account aesthetic choices – like trim, binding, and laminate – then calculate based on how many books you're printing and where they're going. IngramSpark has a calculator that takes all the guesswork out of estimating costs. Simply enter the required information, click the button, and you're done. We offer two separate calculators: one for publisher compensation and one for shipping costs. No more spreadsheets; no more math homework.

Revenue Reports

IngramSpark tracks your sales and other information about your book. This is all visible from your personal dashboard. Here, you'll find data on shipping, sales, printing, and other information. Use the dashboard to find out how many titles you've sold, which retailer buys the most copies of your books, and how much you've spent on shipping. Data is updated frequently, so you always know the latest news about your work.

Wide Selection of Aesthetic Features

You want your book to look as good as it reads, right? IngramSpark has more than 20 trim sizes to choose from, with standard and premium colors and perfect binding. We publish hardcovers and paperbacks with either gloss or matte cover options. Our hardcover books come in an array of high-quality craftsmanship hallmarks, like stamping, case laminate, cloth or jackets. Publishing like a pro has never been easier.

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