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7 Years in – Nashville’s Limitless Library Project

In 2009, Nashville Public Library started the Limitless Library (LL), a partnership with Metro Nashville Public Schools that provides students with books and digital items delivered directly to their schools. Since then, Limitless Library has provided a model for similar programs in libraries across the country. 

Ingram Wire: Must-Read Fiction

This month’s video is brought to you by the Ingram Wire: Fiction. Readers Gail and Stephanie discuss four titles for fiction lovers: We Love You, Charlie Freeman by Kaitlyn Greenidge, The Nest by Cynthia D. Sweeney, Versions of Us by Laura Barnett, Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett  

How You Can Revolutionize Your Bookstore’s Email Marketing Strategy

Traditionally, bookstores use standard email blasts to generate brand awareness and get readers interested in their stores. This tactic has been largely successful, but due to improved email spam analytics and more tech-savvy users, standard marketing campaigns often fall short of expectations. Luckily, free email marketing is still a viable option for bookstores and has the potential to completely revamp your store’s marketing strategy – all with a little help from IngramSendr. 

From Walled Garden to Wild Meadow

Publishers have long relied on a supply chain that is two steps removed from their ‘real’ customers (readers), and they are increasingly at the mercy of large retailers who command high discounts, favorable returns policies, etc. While the independent bookseller market has shown resilience in recent years, the marketplace for books is a competitive and often polarized space that is increasingly challenged with issues around discovery, visibility, and monopoly.  

Author Q&A: John Perkins

I saw my 7-year-old grandson, Grant, flipping through the 2004 edition. He asked me when I wrote it. I explained that I had finished writing it three years before he was born. He wanted to know what has happened since.The fact is things have gotten much worse. 

Ingram Wire Politics Edition: Must Reads

This month’s video is brought to you by the Ingram Wire: Political Books. Politics is in the air so readers Gail and Stephanie discuss four timely must-have titles: Bernie by Ted Rall, President Squid by Aaron Reynolds, Quotations by Chairman Trump edited by Carol Pogash, and This Little President by Joan Holub. 

Have You Considered E-Books for Your Best-Selling Print Titles?

Technology is here to stay, and most people in the publishing industry are thrilled about it. Analytics and other technologies have made book distribution, along with publishing and marketing, easier than ever. What's more, authors and booksellers can now reach consumers all over the world. Even the cost of publishing a book has drastically improved with the advent of e-books.  

See you at BEA 2016!

IngramSpark will be at BookExpo America this year and in addition to taking in the wonder that is BookExpo America and overall book fandom, here are a few reasons why you should be sure to check us out in particular:  

Life Lessons from a Cartoonist

For this lesson, it’s valuable to draw from life, not from photographs. Life drawings, especially landscapes, should capture changing light. The shadows move. Nothing in nature is constant.  

Prayer Edition: Spring Arbor 2016 Must-Haves

This month’s video is brought to you by the Spring Arbor Wire. Melissa and Gail discuss reflective titles for this spring: Contemplative Prayer by Thomas Merton, An Insider's Guide to Praying for the World by Brian C. Stiller, Praying in Color by Sybil Macbeth, and War Room Bible Study by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick.