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Author Q&A: James McBride

So, first things first—what are some common misconceptions about James Brown that really need to be cleared up?
He was much more than “The Godfather of Soul.” He was a son of the south. Very sensitive guy. Very misunderstood. A living symbol of what’s wrong and right about American history. 

Why Are Analytics Important for Your Book Sales?

Small and large businesses are harnessing the power of analytics systems to track inventory, monitor sales, and identify their target audiences. These platforms are tremendously useful for increasing sales and efficiency, and retailers aren't the only ones who benefit. 

Ingram Hosts a Twitter Chat

Introducing a new Twitter hour just for you, University Presses! #BuildUP is our first-ever Twitter chat that will connect University Presses with publishing experts and thought leaders from Ingram. Starting April 1 at 10:30-11:30 CST, you can catch us every first Friday of the month with a new topic.  

5 Steps to Make Book Writing Easy

So you have an amazing idea for a story you just can't stop thinking about. Sounds like it's time you put that on paper and share it with others! But writing a book is so hard, you say. Of course it can seem that way; your mind is full of characters, plots, and dramatic twists and turns. But if you can't find a way to organize those thoughts and get them out into one cohesive story, the idea of writing a book can seem daunting. Fear not. Here are five easy steps to help organize your thoughts so you can finally write that bestseller you've been dreaming up. 

Understanding E-Books in Libraries: When an E-book is Unavailable

Borrowing digital content from a library is not a new concept. Libraries have been lending DVDs, audio books, computer programs, and other digital media for many years. So when e-books became the new way to read sometime around 2010, it was only natural that librarians assumed they would be able to download e-books for their collections. That was not the case.  

Book Club Pick: The Expatriates Excerpt

They arrived three years ago in Hong Kong, Clarke and Margaret Reade, with their three children. He is with a U.S. multinational, she says if anyone asks, which they always do. The sound of that term always gives her a frisson: anonymous, vaguely threatening, and nationalistically contradictory in terms. It reminds her of when she reads in the paper about companies with names like Archer Daniels and Monsanto, names she has only vaguely heard of but that own everything that touches people’s daily lives, like toothpaste and children’s aspirin and milk. 

Author Q&A with Toni Hammersley

Have you ever wished you had the time and tools to organize your house in a clutter-free, design-conscious, Pinterest-worthy way? From storage solutions and cleaning tips to secret space-saving methods and expert strategies, The Complete Book of Home Organization is packed with the tips and shortcuts you need to effectively organize your home.  

The IngramSpark Guide to Independent Publishing

So, you’ve finished your manuscript and you’re ready to publish. That’s great! You are probably eager to get it into the hands of readers but may be confused about how to make that happen. Editing, designing, printing, and marketing your manuscript can be overwhelming, but you do not need to navigate this time-consuming, multi-faceted process on your own. 

Leasing vs. Buying Books

A tightened economy and higher demand for bestsellers has left many libraries with near-empty shelves. Social media and the internet have allowed consumers to share information more than ever, and discovering a new book is done with just a few clicks. As such, the demand readers place on retailers and library management systems has increased exponentially.  

Spark Joy Book Excerpt from Marie Kondo

Ideal for anyone who wants a home—and a life—that sparks joy, this illustrated manual guides readers through the process of decluttering and organizing their homes. Kondo is a professional cleaning consultant with a three-month waiting list. Inspired by the Japanese book Throw-Out Skills and a lifelong love of all things house and home, she began her study of the art of cleaning, established her consulting business, and founded the KonMari Method. She is also the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.