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Q&A with Binc’s Pamela French

Everyone impacts the world through books. Whether it’s the bookstore manager or the librarian who helps a kid select his or her first book, the book publishing industry is supported by people just like you.  

Novel Ideas for Indie Bookstores

Independent bookstores possess several advantages over big box retailers, but the biggest one may be flexibility. Want to try a new event or stock a new line of products? Go for it! The only limit is your creativity. 

Millennials Have a Passion for Brick and Mortar Stores

Millennials -- the youngest generation of adults -- have a reputation for being screen addicts, often using multiple devices at once. This addiction has led to a new anxiety called nomophobia, or fear of being without their phones, and a recent survey found that 41% of millennials interact with their smartphones more than their loved ones. 

Library Spotlight: San Francisco Public Library

We reached out to Shelley Sorenson, Technical Services Manager, San Francisco Public Library to find out what makes their library program so unique and successful. 

Author Q&A: Victoria Thompson

This month we welcome Victoria Thompson, author of the acclaimed Gaslight Mystery Series. Her latest Sarah Brant adventure is Murder in Morningside Heights (Gaslight Mysteries #19). Her twentieth novel in this series, Murder in the Bowery is due out in May 2017.  

Rethinking Your Community Reads Project

By Shannan Rosa, Collection Development Librarian and Joyce Skokut, Director, Collection Development

A Community Reads project can be a great way to draw a community together by reading the same book at the same time. In many regards, a Community Reads project is similar to most book clubs. A quick Google search about book clubs brings back a plethora of articles about do’s and don’ts and common reasons they fail. This made us wonder if the best practices that book clubs have developed and their lessons learned can be useful to libraries with Community Reads projects, and vice versa. 

Ingram Wire Christian Edition

Christian Content Manager Melissa and Lead Content Manager Gail are excited about the upcoming holiday season, and of course, the gifts that come in the form of books. Need a little inspiration for gifts this holiday season? Check out Mary Engelbreit’s A Night of Great Joy, a book for children ages 3-8 about the Christmas story with illustrations of kids from all over the world as they put on a Christmas pageant.  

Smart is the New Cheap

The rise of the big online retailers looked like lights out for independent bookstores. After all, how could your local bookseller compete with their low prices and endless inventory?  

Wednesdays with Ingram: Winter Series

This Fall we are shaking things up with some brand-new, incredibly informative ipage®tutorials custom tailored to your needs. 

Trick-or-Treat: Halloween Books Edition

Fall may be upon us and the leaves are turning to shades of red, yellow, and orange from green. But the best reason we love the change in season is Halloween! In need of a few new titles for the season? Check out the top 10 lists below.