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ODCs 102: Let the Experts Handle Your Shelf-Ready Logistics!

By: Gregory Pace, Manager Client Integration, Ingram Library Services

At Ingram, we understand that planning for a new branch location or branch remodel can be an overwhelming task. While we can’t help you secure a new building, or ensure that the building is ready on time, we certainly can make sure the books for your new collection show up when you need them and are ready to be shelved. Ingram has experts that will partner with you to help navigate this seemingly daunting undertaking every step of the way. We know that communication is the key to any project’s success, and we engage in ongoing correspondence from the time the project is awarded through the delivery and successful opening.

An Ingram project manager will oversee the entire process. This individual will work closely with Ingram’s Collection Development Project Manager. Ingram’s complimentary ODC collection development services are industry-leading and covered in depth here.

While the Collection Development team is consulting with you to determine your selection list needs, the ODC project manager will be working with you to capture your cataloging and processing specifications. Ingram offers an all-inclusive range of customizable shelf-ready services. We have MLS-degreed catalogers available to review or update catalog records in accordance with your local practices, or to create original records where existing or derived records are not available. We have a large team of expert processors who apply the physical components in accordance to your exact instructions. Ingram can custom catalog and process your entire ODC including audiobooks, DVDs, and music in addition to your books. We even do video games! To confirm that we understand your specifications exactly, we send you a small test order for each material type and collection, including invoicing, for you to inspect and approve.

Once we’ve established all the requirements for shelf-ready services and selection lists, Ingram collaborates with you to determine an appropriate timeline for submitting orders. We always work backwards from the anticipated delivery date to ensure orders are placed leaving adequate time to complete the cataloging, processing, sorting, packing, and shipping. Ingram monitors all orders to ensure stock is reserved for you and offers reporting to help you track the project via ipage account management tools. After the books go through the shelf-ready process, they are packed and stored in a climate-controlled Ingram facility until it is time to ship. We understand that sometimes buildings are delayed and the delivery date can be somewhat of a moving target. The project manager will continue to work closely with you to nail down the delivery requirements as the target date approaches. We can arrange a one-time delivery or multiple deliveries depending on your particular needs and circumstances. We will also discuss how you’d like the delivery of any remaining backorders handled.

For added flexibility, Ingram offers three sort options for Opening Day Collections to aid in the shelving process on delivery day. The standard “Rough Sort” is offered free of charge. Based on customer PO designation, we can sort the cartons on skids in rough Dewey range and make sure your various collections are sorted together. We also offer a “Fine Sort” that includes an additional manual sort to put books into specific boxes in Dewey order. The cartons are then sorted onto skids in shelf order. This sort includes an additional box label with the shelf range and the box number for each carton in shelf order. Finally, there is the option to have Ingram “Strict Sort” the project. This sort is similar to the Fine Sort, except the books are then sorted a second time within each box to the strict Dewey order in which they would be placed on the shelf.

Opening Day Collections don’t have to be intimidating. In fact, at Ingram, we love them! We’ve been helping libraries just like yours make it look easy for a long time. We look forward to partnering with you on your next ODC.

Interested in learning more of how Ingram can assist you with big projects – ODCs, expansions, grants, end-of-year spending, and anything else that might come up? Click here to register for our upcoming webcast, “Collection Emergencies: Managing Time Sensitive Projects Successfully without Losing Your Hat.”