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ODCs 101: Everything You Need to Know to Make ODCs Easy

By Joyce Skokut, Director, Collection Development

Did you know that whether you’re opening a new branch, moving to a new building, or overhauling your space, Ingram can create custom lists tailored specifically to meet the demands of your patrons? We provide complimentary ODC management services, walking you through every step of the process and providing recommended timelines and checklists to ensure that everything stays on track and nothing gets missed.

First things first—planning for the books that will go into your new space, and my focus for this article. It’s also my favorite part of any project since I am responsible for the incredible team who provides Ingram’s Collection Development Services!

We start with Ingram’s Collection Development Project Manager, who will send you a welcome message that includes:

  • Collection Development ODC Handbook that walks you through the collection development aspects of the project and provides an A-Z checklist from materials selection all the way through to ordering, cataloging, processing, and delivery. It also includes photos and contact information for Ingram’s Collection Development team and gives helpful guidance for filling out the Collection Development Profile.
  • Collection Development Profile – This easy-to-use online interactive worksheet helps us understand your needs and requirements for each part of the collection for which Ingram will provide custom selection lists. And no worries if you don’t have answers for everything—we’re used to seeing gaps and will talk through them with you and offer our perspective on what’s worked well for other libraries’ ODCs.
  • Sample suggested ODC Timeline – After we hold a collection development call with our team and yours, we’ll prepare a detailed timeline for your project and send it to you for your approval. We’ll coordinate all the timing and dates with the Ingram teams who manage cataloging, processing, storage, and delivery so that we can ensure that everything happens according to your desired schedule.
  • Sample selection list(s) – We prefer to provide your selection lists in Excel rather than posting them to ipage, though that’s always your choice to make. Using Excel allows us to build in your specific discounts and cataloging and processing fees. We add a cumulative total to the top of each list that makes it easy for you to keep track of exactly how much is spent as you make selections. Excel also allows us to deliver selection lists with a column titled “Rank”, which indicates popularity (backlist) and predicted popularity (pre-publication). Many customers find the rank useful in helping them make final selection decisions. Our Excel files include detailed information for each title such as hyperlinks to the title detail page in ipage, review citations, annotations, and all the standard metadata. We will create multiple selection lists, divided by age range, subject, and format as requested so that your library selectors see only the subjects/ages/formats that they will select. Once final selections are made, Excel spreadsheets are emailed to Ingram so that we can upload them or place orders for you, or they are easily uploaded to ipage or your ILS with quantity selections intact for you to place the order via ipage or EDI.

Depending on the project size, complexity, number of people involved, and the timeline, Ingram may schedule one big kick-off call that includes all involved parties on both sides—from those concerned with logistics, shelf-ready services, and collection development. With or without that big group kick-off call, Ingram’s Account Services team will schedule a call to go over the general aspects of the project, including logistics and shelf-ready services such as processing and cataloging, and Ingram’s Collection Development team will schedule a call to review the Collection Development profile and discuss the details of material selection. Ingram has a large Collection Development team, and we invest the time to have every member of the team on the call who will work on the project—so not only do you get one point of contact to manage the project—you get access to our entire team of age, subject, and format experts!

If you’re able to send us your holdings and/or a list of titles that circulate particularly well, we can include or exclude them as we create custom lists for you. If we include titles that you already own, we can mark them on the Excel spreadsheet so that you can see those at a glance.

Ingram typically provides custom lists that are 1.5 times your project budget. This flexibility allows your selectors to make final selections and to have built-in backups in case a few titles should happen to be out of stock. We’ll do the work of tailoring lists such as Gardening to your region, including state or national awards, and using your criteria to ensure that the selection lists show you everything you hope to see and no titles that you would not want to include. These highly customized selection lists and accompanying data allow your selectors to quickly and easily refine the collection using their professional and library-specific knowledge.

Did you know that Ingram is happy to provide these types of ODC services completely complimentary for our customers? Let us know when we can help you make an ODC easy too!

Interested in hearing more on the topic from your peers? Click here to sign up for our September webcast, “Collection Emergencies: Managing Time Sensitive Projects Successfully without Losing Your Hat.”