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How Can Your Data Be Delivered?

In a recent post, we talked about the benefits of book data and how it can help your bookstore increase sales, help new customers find you and allow you to communicate more effectively.

Now that you understand what your data can do for you, let’s find out how Ingram can get that data to you simply and cost-effectively. Ingram offers data services via two main delivery methods, Web service and FTP.

No matter which delivery method you choose, you reap the benefits of our data service, which collects and aggregates data from multiple publishers and delivers it in a consistent format. Subscribers can be licensed to use data within their internal systems and/or on a website.

Which method is right for your needs?

FTP Service

For the customer who wants to maintain their own database and take advantage of greater development capabilities, Ingram allows you to receive title information directly from our server using our FTP service -- without ever having to key in a single word. Ingram's data includes detailed bibliographic information and metadata, so the upload you receive is complete and ready for use.

How does it work?

Subscribers access and download proprietary files from an FTP server maintained by Ingram. Metadata typically is provided in a text file format as fixed width or variable length. Primary bibliographic files are supplied in full or as deltas each week to assist with your processing. Our FTP service offers several options to provide you the specific data files you need.

Web Service

For customers who do not wish to maintain a product database, Ingram’s web service provides you with direct access to our vast title database and our powerful search engine while integrating seamlessly with your website application. It works well for online retailers as well as physical bookstores interfacing with other systems that need to quickly retrieve information based on a given set of criteria.

How does it work?

Your developer creates an application to post query requests using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) or HTTP. Ingram returns results in XML for subscribers to format and display on their website. The web service offers the ability to have the results sorted by data elements, including the popularity of the title.

The web service is available to both physical and online retailers and brings the following benefits directly to your point-of-sale system:

  • More titles – Immediate access to millions of active and out-of-print titles.
  • More information – Ingram’s title data is the most complete and up-to-date in the industry.
  • More timely – No manual updates. Your title data is automatically updated every day so you always have the most recent title and stock information.
  • Less money – Gives you more complete title information and costs less than other data subscriptions.

What are you waiting for?

To learn more about Ingram’s data services, contact us.