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Library Marketing: Using Creative and Effective Emails to Connect to Your Community

Email is a proven marketing platform that’s accessible to virtually anyone. In fact, it’s an incredible way to attract new clients without expensive marketing—especially if you want to captivate a local audience. Libraries, for instance, can target dedicated readers, researchers, and team members with compelling content that generates buzz about their events or daily communications. Of course, it all depends on how effectively this information is put together and delivered.

Most libraries don’t have a marketing designer on staff, but Ingram Sendr steps in with a free, easy, and professional solution. We offer a customizable platform that allows librarians to quickly and efficiently create e-communications. This online marketing tool helps librarians share events, videos, and information with their patrons.

What Does Ingram Sendr Offer Librarians?

Ingram Sendr provides predesigned templates that are user friendly and ensure your emails look their best. There’s no need to have a degree in website design or hire a professional. Sendr has everything you need, right at your fingertips.

Ingram Sendr lets you create:

  • Staff picks
  • Promotions or sales notices
  • New release announcements
  • Newsletters
  • Special events

...And more, all with the ease of filling in your information to preexisting templates. Sendr uses a drag-and-drop interface, moveable widgets, and helpful hints to make your email creation experience easy and fun. Let your creativity shine without worrying about technicalities like layout or design. Allow Sendr to take care of the tech side so you can focus on creating excellent content.

You have complete freedom on what content enters your template and can easily make adjustments. The content doesn’t have to be text-only, either. You can embed links, insert videos straight into the template, and drag-and-drop images from your desktop in just a few easy steps.

Sending emails has never been easier. Sendr automatically connects to your current emailing list, so there’s no need to manually insert contacts. You also have the option of connecting to social media platforms, which allows you to post your polished content straight to the sites your readers use the most.

Why Choose Ingram Sendr?

Sending regular emails through your library’s server can lead to messages being misidentified as spam or recipients deleting them without reading. Opening an email and seeing lengthy bits of text with no obvious structure can turn your audience away, defeating the purpose of an email marketing campaign.

Your community deserves top-notch notifications and content about your library, and your library deserves the recognition. Instead of looking unprofessional, make strides with the new and improved way to email:

  • Switching from regular email to Sendr means your content will come across in an aesthetically pleasing and organized manner that looks ultra-professional, boosting its visibility and appeal.
  • Sendr gives you the option to share those stellar emails on your social media feeds so you can spread your message far and wide, reaching your target audience through multiple channels for maximum exposure.
  • You can also convert your email files to print copies and print high-quality newsletters or announcements to distribute or display.

Don’t pour any more marketing energy into old-fashioned campaigns that fall flat. Sign up for IngramSendr for free today, and see how powerful emailing can really be.