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Censorship is a Dead End, Find Your Freedom to Read: Banned Books Week 2020

Navigating the nuanced issues of today’s world can seem a bit like walking through a maze. Reading and seeking new information provides a pathway to understanding, but censorship offers a dead end. This is the message that independent booksellers will be sharing during Banned Books Week, September 27th – October 3rd, as they join librarians, educators, journalists, and others in the fight against censorship and in celebrating the freedom to read.

Banned Books Week, founded in 1982, is a continued effort to bring awareness to the ongoing practice of censorship and to champion diverse books that help readers explore new ideas and amplify voices. The week offers an important reminder that censorship is not an issue of the past, as books continue to be challenged and banned for their content. The American Library Association’s Office of Intellectual Freedom monitors book censorship across libraries, school, and universities and compiles an annual list of the most challenged books. In the past year, the top books have been banned or challenged for LGBTQIA+ content, political or religious viewpoints, and for characters that use “nefarious means” to attain goals (this was in reference to the Harry Potter series). Check out the Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2019 here.

Readers: Shop Your Local Indie Bookstore

Independent bookstores continue to offer books that share diverse voices and explore new points of view. Throughout Banned Books Week, indies will be highlighting banned and challenged books and offering community conversations, so be sure to check out the happenings at your local independent bookstore. Need help finding a local indie bookstore in your area? Check out IndieBound’s Indie Bookstore finder here:

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Indie Bookstores: Stock Up for Banned Books Week

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