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Knowing how to build ironclad relationships with your customers, while communicating value can make all the difference for university presses striving to demonstrate profitability. In last month’s #BuildUP Twitter Chat, Ingram and Consortium Books academic marketing ace, Heather C. Hart, answered questions and offered up some advice on connecting with those hard-to-reach customers, so you can maximize your sales opportunities.

For your convenience, you can find the entire Academic Marketing Twitter Chat transcript below.

Welcome to this month’s #BuildUP chat! I’m Heather C. Hart, Academic Mktg Mgr at Consortium and Ingram. Coworkers call me HH, which I’ll use here.

Q1: Hi @HeatherCHart! Can you tell us more about how you'll be involved in marketing for new Perseus/IPS clients? #BuildUP

A1: Hi, @mandy_iup, I ran the academic marketing program with Perseus clients and I hope to extend that with Ingram clients #BuildUP

Q2: How to reach part-time instructors and adjuncts who do all the work but aren’t in the office loop? #BuildUp

A2: Marketing! See them at conferences, send them emails, connect on social media! They’re out there, even without an office. #BuildUP

Q3: Do you have tips for standing out in a demand-driven library acq. environment? #BuildUP

A3: Talk to librarians! They’re on social media, they’re at the conferences. Talk to them about their issues, (cont.) #BuildUP

A3: …then bring up your books. Be available. Have books available. #BuildUP

A3: Talk to librarians! They’re on social media, they’re at the conferences. Talk to them about their issues, (cont.) #BuildUP

Q4: Do you have any digital strategies that especially help reach audiences outside the typical UP realm? #BuildUP

A4: We’ve tried Instagram. Fun videos on Vine. Egalleys on Edelweiss. Faccebook ads. #BuildUP

Q5: What’s the biggest difference in marketing at a large UP versus a small UP #BuildUP

A5: Budgets. #BuildUP

Q6: Thank you! We will explore Vine and Instagram. FB ads are tough - any specific tips on those? Timing/Content? #BuildUP

A6: For FB, fun content is always a good hook. (That’s tough sometimes!) We create memes with our covers. It seems to work. #BuildUP

Q7: thank you! So it seems like social media is the place to be less strict/more fun. Are emojis a no? #BuildUP

A7: If you're doing a Facebook ad, probably a no, but you can get away with it on Twitter. #BuildUP

Q8 for the audience: Has social media replaced the direct mail marketing campaign? -HH #BuildUP

A8: We'll answer this one. Not really! A solid social media platform can assist your direct mail campaign. Think of it as a 1-2 punch! #BuildUP

We’ve run out of time for this month’s #BuildUP chat on marketing! Thanks for the chat! Any more Qs, tweet at me at @HeatherCHart . –HH

Ingram Academic Service’s weekly Twitter chats are a great way to keep up with the most relevant best-practices impacting university presses and academic publishers today, plus, an excellent opportunity to get real-time feedback from our team of UP pros. Keep a lookout for our next round upcoming #BuildUP Twitter chats and have your questions ready.

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