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2 Librarians And A Microphone Podcast: Season 2

Welcome to Two Librarians and A Microphone, a library podcast by Ingram Library Services. Join Ingram's Collection Development Team as they explore trending topics, discuss industry news, and share their expertise on how to build the perfect collection for your community.

Most public librarians view their libraries as community hubs, where our patrons can learn about the world and find popular materials for entertainment. These days, it seems like our world is changing faster and faster, and librarians are asking ourselves how libraries can effectively provide the right services for their patrons.

Tune in to our fall series as we discuss how librarians can support their adult patrons by integrating resources on trending and current events into their collections, providing innovative programming that resonates with patrons, and positively affect their communities during turbulent times.


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The Gig Economy: Supporting Patrons Seeking Nontraditional Work:


Escapism: Reading to Relax and Recharge:


Innovative Library Programs & Collections:


Libraries Supporting Communities:



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