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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Insights

You may have seen or heard someone from the Marketing Insights team speak about book marketing, online SEO, and Marketing Insights on a webinar or two. All toldwe’ve had 1,500+ digital marketers, metadata specialist, digital sales folks, and executives join us in one-on-one consultations or webinars this past year. 

 As you might imagine, we’ve been learning a lot about what publishers like you need to better optimize your titles online and how a tool like Marketing Insights can be helpful (and maybe a bit overwhelming). So, we’d like to share with you the top 10 FAQs we receive and provide a few tips and answers.  

#1This might sound silly, but what is Marketing Insights? 

Marketing Insights is a tool to assess how well your titles are positioned for discovery and sale online. It measures signals like metadata health, availability, and consumer demand. This 2-minute video might help! 

#2: “Why would I need a tool like this?” 

We believe it’s tough being a successful online marketer without tools — ours, and others. But don’t take our word for it: here’s an article from on just this topic.  
Within books, the continued rise of the backlist and the dominance of online purchasing means it’s impossible to manage titles individually. You need to move fast and be agile to respond to small surges in consumer demand, ensure your titles appear higher in search results, and improve conversion when a potential buyer lands on your product page. 

#3: “What specific signals does Marketing Insights track, and why?” 

We like to say, “Data is great, but intelligence is better.” So, Marketing Insights is built on a predictive algorithm designed to identify under-performing titles and surface new opportunities for sales growth. 

All that to say, some of the data points we track includes sales rank, Amazon price history, category placement, recommended keywords, availability and Buy Box status and history, social reviews and ratings, and product description, formatting, length, and structureYou can view a list of the data we track >here. 

#4: What type of publishers is Marketing Insights best for?” 

All types of publishers use this tool, from large trade organizations, professional and academic publishers, university presses, education publishers, to small and independent presses. 

#5I’m time crunched! How much time or extra work does Marketing Insights require?” 

In our experience, there’s not a single person working in publishing who has “extra time!” We designed the tool with that in mind. We wanted to eliminate the “I have thirty Chrome tabs open, I’m working on titles all day, but I really don’t know if those were the RIGHT titles, with the most potential.” Marketing Insights monitors all your titles, directing your time and efforts where there’s demand.  

While time spent in the tool varies, two primary user experiences are reported: 

  1. Many users check Marketing Insights daily or a few times a week, to keep track of top moving titles, intercept problems quickly, and identify priority items. It's common for a user to favor a few key reports or data points, monitor those frequently, and then act outside of the tool. 

  1. Many users also download reports for analysis or pattern spotting, especially when looking across the list. All reports within Marketing Insights can be downloaded as Excel or CSV files. 

#6What geographic areas is Marketing Insights reporting in?” 

Marketing Insights currently tracks signals across the US and UK markets. Specifically, and Greater insights can be provided for optimization and positioning in both markets if titles are available. 

#7: Which of my titles should I track?” 

Most publishing organizations track all titles, in all formats, since opportunities often surface across your listRemember, it’s impossible to predict consumer behavior; success comes when you market what consumers are looking for, versus what you must sell.  

In those cases when a smaller list of titles is required, the recommendation is to select all titles with meaningful yearly sales volume at Amazon (for example, scholarly publishers may opt to exclude monographs). 

#8: “How does pricing work for Marketing Insights?” 

Marketing Insights is offered as a subscription, with fees tied to the number of titles tracked. One "title" counts as all formats tracked, so publishers can include both print and digital formats. There are no set-up fees and no support fees. Overall, this is a lightweight tool that can be turned on inexpensively, as low as $115 for up to 100 titles (our minimum level). 

#9: “Why is SEO so important for online retail?” 

Studies show that over 50% of product searches begin on Amazon, making the retailer one of the top five largest search engines in terms of annual volume. This increase in volume has resulted in intense competition and changes to the sophistication of Amazon's algorithm for surfacing books. Luckily, there are clear pathways for structuring book information and positioning within the online retail catalog that will increase discoverability. Marketing Insights was designed to help identify which titles will benefit the most from optimization and provide practical insights and actions to take advantage of those opportunities 

#10: Can I get a demo or walk-through of the full version before I buy?”  

Yes, you certainly can! You can either request a live demo with a Marketing Insights staff member or watch a recording of a recent demo we did for a group of publishers, on your own time. 

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